Inshore Fish Species In Orange Beach, Alabama

family speckled trout fishing in fort morgan, alabamaThe best inshore fishing trips along the Alabama Gulf Coast is for Speckled Trout, White Trout, Flounder and Redfish.  These three species of fish are abundant all year long.   Our inshore guide services specializes in catching these species because they are the ultimate back back fishing experience using light tackle gear.   We also have other species of fish you can catch while fishing with Alabama Inshore Fishing.  We catch Tripletail, Black Drum, and Pompano during certain times of the year.  

Whether you are a novice or an experienced saltwater angler visiting the Orange Beach area, we can customize an amazing inshore fishing trip for you.  We hope you enjoy reading about the three most common inshore game fish species along the Alabama inshore fishery.

Speckled Trout that live in and near the Gulf Coast of Alabama are the top predators for inshore anglers that fish for them.   Alabama's Specks offer anglers an opportunity to fish for them year-round.  It does not matter if you are in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach on vacation or down at Fort Morgan for a tour, there is always a place close by where the Speckled Trout are biting.  Speckled Trout are extremely vibrant and they migrate during the late fall up into the fresh water rivers.  There are a lot of factors that affect the bite.  We just happen to know where they live and we know how to catch them.

Flounder are a unique species of fish that make their habitat in the inshore and nearshore waters along the Alabama coast. The flounder's physical make up is the unique part of of this fish. Born with an eye on either side of its' head, like any other fish, the right eye "migrates" to the other side as the fish matures. The end result is a flat fish that lays on the bottom of the water with two eyes on top! Two types of flounder live on the Alabama coast - Gulf Flounder and Southern Flounder. The Gulf Flounder is typically smaller, but greater in number when located around nearshore structures like piers, bulkheads, and rockpiles such as the jetties at Perdido Pass in Orange Beach, AL. 

White Trout are closely related to the speckled trout. They are a similar looking fish, and the fillets eat just as good. White trout are smaller than speckled trout on average, and don't have the spotted pattern on their skin. They do, however, pack the same ferocity when attacking prey as their larger cousins. White trout fishing in Orange Beach, AL makes an unforgettable fishing adventure for children or adults. The action is fast when catching these fish and they are easy to hook up!

Redfish are a true gamefish.  Thanks to President Bush, these wonderful Red Drum will never be hunted for commercial purposes ever again.  Redfish were endangered a few years ago, they were almost wiped out thanks to a group of chefs that started the Blackened Redfish Craze in Louisiana restaurants.  Redfish have armor plated scales and have a red or golden look to them.  They also have the black dot that is located near their tail.  These fish offer anglers an opportunity to have some light tackle, shallow water fun.  These fish offer a great fight year-round.

When you are ready to book your  fishing charter, simply give me, Capt. Keith Powell a call at 251.367.3464 or fill out my reservations request online.  I promise to get right back with you and book your inshore fishing trip.