Flounder Fishing

Flounder are a unique species of fish that make their habitat in the inshore and nearshore waters along the Alabama coast.gulf flounder caught in gulf shores, alabama The flounder's physical make up is the unique part of of this fish. Born with an eye on either side of its' head, like any other fish, the right eye "migrates" to the other side as the fish matures. The end result is a flat fish that lays on the bottom of the water with two eyes on top! Two types of flounder live on the Alabama coast - Gulf Flounder and Southern Flounder. The Gulf Flounder is typically smaller, but greater in number when located around nearshore structures like piers, bulkheads, and rockpiles such as the jetties at Perdido Pass in Orange Beach, AL. 

Where To find Flounder While Inshore Fishing?

Both species of flounder can be caught in the back bays and along the island beaches scattered around Perdido Bay, Fort Morgan , Mobile Bay, and Little Lagoon. The piers around Ono Island, AL also are an excellent location for flounder fishing. The Tidal currents and pilings create a perfect scenario for flounder to ambush live bait fish like mullet, croakers, spots, pinfish, and killifish. Dropoffs and channel edges also provide points of ambush for flounder looking to score an easy meal. These fish will often hold together in groups because of the existing circumstances that would attract flounder to a specific area.

Our Proven Techniques Produce Larger Flounder

Techniques that produce flounder bites vary slightly. The general consensus among most flounder anglers is that live bait, light tackle, tight-line fishing with live bull minnows works best. Other species of fish will eat bull minnows, but they seem to be irresistible for flounder. Often, you can hook and lose a flounder, and drop the half dead bull minnow back to the same spot and the same fish will bite again. Also, plastic grubs on jig heads bounced along bottom do a great job triggering a strike. Flounder will grab the bait, live or artificial, and lay on bottom. It is not unusual to think you've been snagged on bottom when a flounder takes your bait, that is, until you feel the weight of the fish start to swim away. Set The Hook! 

Gigging Flounder Offers The Ultimate In Sight Fishing

Gigging flounder is an exciting way to harvest flounder along the Alabama Gulf Coast. In this method, we patrol the shallow waters at night in a "skinny" boat with lights on the bow pointed at the bottom. As the boat moves forward by push-pole, two people armed with gigs watch the bottom looking for flounder made visible by the lights. Sound fun? It is a blast. Flounder gigging is a great way to let your mind escape and go to another place for a little while.

Any time of the year is a good time for flounder fishing. Although flounder can be caught at all times of the year, tide patterns and moon phases play a huge role in the time of day or month to target flounder. In Orange Beach, AL, spring and fall prove to be a great time to fish around the Perdido Pass area as the flounder migration bottlenecks through this area. Spring, summer, and fall provide excellent opportunity for flounder gigging in Alabama's back bay and Gulf waters.