Inshore Fishing Testimonials

We love to hear from our past guests.  Our inshore fishing testimonials are true and are unaltered.  These reviews from our past guests are published to let you know how we did on past inshore fishing charters in Orange Beach and Mobile Bay.  We look forward to placing your testimonial on our site so we can tell people how good of a time you had with us.  You are welcome to read our up to date fishing reports from Orange Beach.

January 4, 2011 - Keith,  Before anything else, I wanted to say THANK YOU!!!! Having been born and raised in South Florida, myAri catches his first speckled trout in Mobile River expectations were not real high due to the fact I have fished some pretty amazing places from the Keys up to Palm Beach as well as a trip to Cozumel, Mexico and had some pretty spectacular days on the water (not to mention I booked a trip with you in the middle of the winter). Currently living in a land-locked place like Atlanta, I was eagerly looking for somewhere within a short drive to be on the water.  As I mentioned when we booked the trip, I was happy to take a day off from work and get on the water, but having seen some pictures of the Bull Redfish in the Gulf Shores, Orange Beach area, I was excited to say the least. When my phone rang and you informed me that the water was too cold for the type of fishing I was coming down for and the Redfish were not around, admittedly I was somewhat disappointed, but as I said, getting out there would be just fine. Little did I know, but your integrity to do the right thing really impressed me. You could have done what most other charter captains in the area would do and “try” to find the Reds, after all, it is what the “client” wanted. Instead you said we can either reschedule when it is right or go for some Speckled Trout over in Mobile Bay, but left it up to me. Not only did you put us on fish, but I feel like I found a friend as well. I have re-booked with other charters in the past because they got me a bunch of fish, but I can honestly say that we could have caught nothing & I would have been back to charter fish with you. Your passion, knowledge, and experience were clear, and you made inshore fishing FUN!!! Although I do love going out on my own, after being on your charter boat, there is no doubt that my kids will have the same love I have for fishing when I bring them down to Mobile Bay and to the Orange Beach area. The fact that we caught our limit of Speckled Trout is not what will bring me back, rather to fish with a genuinely good guy that cares about making sure the “client” has the best experience they could have. I never left a charter telling the captain to call me (with a few days’ notice) when you feel the fishing will be red-hot, but I know that I can request that of you without fear of someone trying to fill an empty slot. I can’t wait for that call, and can’t wait to get back down there. Thanks for one of the most memorable and fun fishing experiences to date & I look forward to many more.  Ari G. Atlanta, Ga

November 29, 2010 - Captain Keith,  I just want to drop you this email and thank you for the enjoyable fishing trip that we took with you.  Booking the trip was very smooth using email and a few phone calls.  I have to say that when I met you I was a bit sceptical when you came up wearing those Top Gun sunglasses.  We found out that you were a man of your word and keep your bets even though nobody would have known.  This was our first inshore fishing experience.  It was just that .  An enjoyable experience.  From the time we hit the fishing area we were busy catching  fish.  I was impressed with how you handled our party from beginning to end.  Six people fishing in a smaller area is difficult but you controlled the situation and kept things flowing smoothly.  Thanks again for a great trip.  We will be booking again soon.  D. Braunitzer, Syracuse, NY

November 24, 2010 - Keith,  I wanted to say we had a great time on fishing with you recently.  I can't believe I caught my biggest fish ever.  We will not be down in December as previously planned, but we will be back soon and we will certainly be giving you a call.   We pray that your business continues to thrive.  R. Chatman, MD.,  Cincinnati, Oh.

August 18, 2010 - Hi Keith...I just wanted to say "Thanks" again to you and Brad for the great fishing trip our family had while vacationing down in Fort Morgan...My nephews said that it was the best fishing trip they had ever been on and Damon (Holding the 6LB trout) could not stop smiling.  We will definitely contact you again next time we are in the area to charter another trip!


October 18, 2009 - Man, what a trip.  I want to thank you again for an absolutely amazing experience the other day.  I have caught lots of fish, but watching my wife and her sister catching big Redfish was an experience I will never forget.  Thank you for truly going out of your way to make our trip a memorable one.  We are really wanting to come back this winter for more Redfish or the Speckled Trout bite.  Thank you once again for a great inshore fishing trip.  R. Blair, Lexinton, Tn