Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been doing this?  I have been fishing professionally since 2003.  I grew up on the Alabama Gulf Coast and have fished from Mobile Bay to Orange Beach since childhood.

Will we catch any fish?  If So, How many?  I can't guarantee that you will catch fish.  I wish I could.  I know these fish.  I know where they live, what they eat, and when they feed. Some days are slow, some days are average, and some days are incredible.  I promise to take you to where I think they will be biting and give you an honest effort.

Do you fish with live bait? Yes I do.  I prefer to fish with live bait because your time is valuable and I know that live bait will produce fish for you effectively.  Artificial baits are good to use and there are times that live bait is not necessary.

What kind of live bait is the best?  The best live bait is what is available where you are fishing.  In the springtime, before the croakers show up in our bays, I mostly use live shrimp.  In the summer season, live croaker is the bait of choice. 

Does your boat have a bathroom?  No we do not have a bathroom.  We are usually no more than a few minutes from a marina most of the time.  However, we do have a bucket for those of you who do not mind.  If you close your eyes, nobody can see you!

Can we bring Beer? Yes.  We prefer you to bring aluminum cans only.  Glass bottles break and can cause someone to cut their foot.  We ask that you be responsible.

How old do children need to be to go inshore fishing?  It all depends on your children.  If they are city kids and do not experience the outdoors too much, usually 8 years of age is young enough.  If your children are used to being outdoors and fishing all the time, they can be as young as 4 or 5 years of age.  Remember, you will need to watch the while on the charter.

Do you have life jackets for small children?  Yes, we do have ski-vest type for children that weigh 40 to 60 pounds.

How far do you go out on a fishing charter? We do not go offshore to fish most of the time.  We fish near the shore or up in the bays and rivers.  We are usually never further than a cast of the rod from land.

Are there Sharks here? Yes.  Sharks live in saltwater.  Bull Sharks are common in fresh water rivers.  That is where they spawn.  There is an abundance of smaller sharks that live in the Mobile Bay and Perdido Bay near Orange Beach.  They are fun to catch for those who accidentally hook one.  We fish light tackle and most of them break your line quickly.

Do you see Dolphins while fishing?  Yes.  All of the time.  They are very common along the inshore waters of Alabama.  We see them up close and from a distance almost every trip.  They are a lot of fun to watch.  They sometimes jump and roll.

Have you ever caught a wild Dolphin?  No.  Wild Dolphins are marine mammals and should not be approached or fed at any time.  They are smart and do not bite our live bait.

How deep is the water?  Most of the water we fish is 4 to 10 feet deep.  We do fish some water that is 25 feet deep and as shallow as 12 inches.

When is the best time of the year to fish?  Year-round.  Orange Beach and Mobile Bay offer fishing all year long.  We have an abundance of species of fish to target during different times of the year.

Do you fish in bad weather? We do not fish near lightning or thunder clouds.  We do fish in light rain during different times of the year.  Safety is our biggest concern when it comes to weather.  We promise never to put you in unsafe conditions.

Do you fish at night?  Yes.  Our preferred time is during the time when the fish are biting.  Sometimes it is at night.  In late summer, the Speckled Trout often feed on a night time pattern when it is not as hot.  The cooler temperatures of night make the fish bite better.

Do you offer catch and release? Yes.  Catch and Release is a big part of what we offer.  We are responsible fishermen and want you to catch and keep as many fish as you can.  However, if you want to release them, we love to see them live to be caught another day.

Can we bring our own tackle? Yes.  We have new, light tackle gear onboard for you to use.  You are always welcome to bring your own.  I understand the comfort of fishing your own gear.  We fish 8 to 15 pound test depending on the situation.

Do you allow us to wade fish?  Yes.  In spring and early summer Speckled Trout and Redfish are commonly found in shallow water.  We do not want to spook the fish when they are in certain areas.  Sometimes you have to wade to get to these fish.  Otherwise, we will have to go to a different area to catch other fish.

How many people does your boat carry? Our boat carries 6 people maximum.

How fast does this boat go? My boat is powered by 225 h.p. Mercury, 4 stroke.  She can run like the wind blows.