Light Tackle Gear for the Ultimate Fight

light tackle inshore fishing in gulf shores and orange beach alabama

Alabama Inshore Fishing Charters offers our guests the use of the finest in light tackle fishing gear.  We make sure to implement all of the latest technology in reels, rods, tackle, and fishing line to insure our guests receive a quality fishing experience.  Nothing beats the thrill of fighting one of our Alabama inshore species on our ultra-light gear!   We constantly upgrade our light tackle inshore fishing gear so you get to use the best without the frustration of malfunctions.

Why Inshore Fish With Light Tackle?

Have you ever used a cast iron skillet to kill a mosquito?  There's no need, right?  We use the same practical logic when it comes to catching Orange Beach inshore fish.  Our saltwater guide service always outfits our guests with the lightest gear possible for any given set of back-bay fishing circumstances.  Not only does ultra-light fishing gear maximize your experience, but also gives you the best chance for triggering a strike from a larger inshore species of saltwater fish.  " They don't get big by being stupid, " goes the old saying. 

Clear Water Challenges For Experienced Anglers

Another reason we have to use light tackle to catch inshore fish like the Speckled Trout and Redfish, is because they can see the line and simply will not bite traditional heavy line.  Fishing for Speckled Trout and Redfish on the Alabama Gulf Coast presents unique challenges you wouldn't normally encounter in other areas of the Gulf Coast.  Because of the clarity of the water, fish are able to see more and they are smarter fish.   With that being said, the challenge of any angler that fishes the Alabama Gulf Coast is outsmarting them in order to get a bite.    Only a few inshore fishing charters in our area fish the way we do.  However, we are not afraid and commonly use 6 to10 lb test.   That is why we catch big fish.   We lose some but we get a lot more bites.

Fly Fishing Tackle In Orange Beach, Alabama

Fly fishing for Speckled Trout and Redfish poses a lot of challenges in Orange Beach, Alabama.   Daytime fly fishing can be tough inGrant-catches-Bluefish-on-shrimp-fly Alabama waters.   Our flats are not shallow like they are over in Louisiana and Texas.   Most of these fish are caught in deep water during the winter and summer months.   During the spring and fall, these fish come up and feed shallow in the water.   Therefore, if you are wanting to bring your fly fishing rod with you, please call me and lets discuss the most opportune time to use your flies.

Night time fly fishing presents some pretty good fishing under the lights all year round.   We just have to move to where the fish are feeding.

Fly fishing for other species like Ladyfish, Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish and Bonita offers some wonderful fights.   These fish offer a great sportfishing challenge but leave a lot to be desired for flavor.   The exception is the Spanish Mackerel which is an outstanding fish to eat.