Alabama Inshore Fishing

Dixie Bar in Fort Morgan, Alabama offers great Speckled Trout Fishing

Being the best inshore fishing guide service in Alabama requires flexibility. Your inshore fishing charter is about you.   Our sole mission is to provide quality back-bay charters that are  productive and unique.   We take you on a charter fishing experience.  Alabama Inshore Fishing is the premier saltwater guide service in Alabama that is raising the bar on customer service.  Our sincere desire to offer greater flexibility and do it with our anglers needs in mind, sets us apart from the competition.  Whether we are fishing Orange Beach, Perdido Bay, Mobile Bay, Little Lagoon or Fort Morgan's Dixie Bar, we can do it all. 

Our most requested back-bay fishing trip is the 6 hour.   We offer a 4 hour trout trip or redfish trip for those who are short on time or on a tight budget.   Sometimes, we will "accidentally" catch other species of inshore fish while targeting another.  Either way, we have an inshore trip for you and your family to enjoy.   As a rule of thumb, the more serious you are about catching fish, the longer you may need to fish.   Sometimes, the weather may not line up during the time of your charter.   We will not take you fishing in weather that is either dangerous or detrimental to the fishing quality.  Either way, if we only have one trip that day, we may be able to adjust departure times in order to get you the best bite.

Enhanced Inshore Fishing Trips For The Whole Family! 

We have the ability to relocate or move to where the fish are biting, when they are biting.   We will inform you of the options and probabilities and we can go from there.  However, it has been our experience that our guests would rather have an enhanced fishing experience instead of being status quo.  We want you to catch quality fish like Speckled Trout and Redfish.  We will do our best to put you on them.

Ross fighting a nice Speckled Trout in Orange BeachThinking Outside The Box Means Better Fishing For You!

Being the leader in Alabama Inshore Fishing comes with an awesome responsibility that encompasses the ability to think outside the box.   In a time where everyone is trying to conserve fuel and stay close to home, we are doing just the opposite.  We put our guests wants and needs first and then educate, demonstrate and teach you how to catch these fish all by yourself.   Your fishing trip is unique because it is about you!   It is about your family having a good time.  It is about your children always remembering the time when you took them on an amazing fishing experience.  Please feel free to read our fishing testimonials to see what past guest say about the way we fish.

Whatever type of inshore charter you desire, we can accomodate.  There is almost an endless supply of fishing adventures waiting for you and your family on the Alabama Gulf Coast.  Whether you are looking for a no nonsense, trophy speckled trout trip, or you just want to spend time on the water with your children, our guide service is about working hard to meet and exceed your desires.  Let us treat you to an unforgetable fishing experience!

 What Type Of Inshore Fishing Is For You?

When you are deciding on a fishing trip, I understand that you may have never done this before.  When you contact me about inshore fishing in Alabama, simply ask me what I think will be a better trip for you.  It is important for me to know how many people are wanting to go fishing and their ages.  It is important because all of our back-bay fishing trips are not for everyone.  We take kids fishing all of the time and they are more concerned with having something tugging on their light tackle line than fishing for a trophy.   For more serious or avid anglers, we can custom tailor your trip.  We offer Flounder gigging, fly fishing, night fishing, and Trophy Speckled Trout fishing.   For those seasonal anglers, we offer Pompano and Bull Red fishing.  Our Bull Red fishing is catch and release only.  The monster reds are the primary breeders and not as good to eat.  We prefer to let them continue on.

Booking Your Inshore Fishing Trip Is Easy!

Please visit our Alabama back-bay fishing rates page to see which charter is best for you and your family.   After you have Nice Specled trout Caught In Orange Beach, Alabama Inshore Fishingdecided which inshore trip you would like, please visit our online inshore reservations page and submit it via email.   I promise to respond quickly to your request.   

If you would like to speak to me directly, call me, Capt. Keith at 251.367.3464 and I will gladly help you.