January 2011 Alabama Inshore Fishing Forecast and Report from Orange Beach, Gulf Shores and Mobile Bay

January has been above average so far in 2011.  There are a lot of Speckled Trout congregated in deep water along our rivers and tributary system.  Like 2010, it has been a colder than normal winter and the water temperature is about 46 to 50 degrees surface temperature. 

The extremely cold saltwater has its advantages and disadvantages for the fishing.  On the negative side of inshore fishing,  the Speckled Trout will become lethargic and do feed as agressively as they would in warmer waters.  Also, when the water is 46 degrees, the outside air temperature is also cold.  Cold air makes for some chilly boat rides to the fishing spots.  I have arrived at some fishing spots with ice in my hair.  Enough about the negative aspects of Winter fishing.  For those anglers who are willing to brave the colder temperatures and who dress appropriately, the cold water temperatures will cause the Speckled Trout to school up in tight groups.  When you find one fish, you will usually find a lot more with them.  Most of the time while Winter fishing, I will only drop anchor one or two times.  That is because you don't have to run around chasing individual fish or smaller schools like you sometimes will in warmer water.

The conservation efforts along the Gulf Coast by recreational anglers and charter boat captains have improved our inshore fishing for Redfish.  Every year it gets better.  We see more fish each year than before which tells us that the effort to restore and maintain sustainable Redfish fisheries is working.  Slot sized Redfish (16" to 26") are biting around the docks, piers, jetties and other habitat.  There are fish biting in places this year where they were not biting last year.  This is because there are more Redfish than before and the fish stock appears to be extremely healthy.

Other than that, the Sheepshead are biting around bridges and pilings on the inshore waters with moving water or tide.  If you would like to go fishing, please fill out our reservations request here and we will gladly assist you.