Fishing Report for February 2012Brandon with a nice spring trout!

     It's the day after Valentine's and time to give a mid-month report.  Inshore fishing on the Alabama Gulf Coast has been less than desirable for most of the winter.  Although there have been plenty of days that we were able to catch fish, it just wasn't as good as it should have been.  Around the middle part of December, we started getting lots of rainfall and the air temperature remained warm.  The air temperatures kept the water temperatures warmer than normal and the rainfall made for muddy conditions. These are not prime conditions for trout fishing in the winter months, to say the least.

     This has continued all the way through the year.  The rain isn't a bad thing for long term conditions, it just makes it a little challenging for now.  One good thing about warm water temperatures, though, is that the speckled trout should be showing up in their spring areas early.  That's good news.  The early spring bite should be outstanding.  I am looking forward to March this year like none before.