December 2012 Alabama Inshore Fishing Report

Michael gets two!!!   December fishing is at its best when we have very cold and dry conditions.  It has been dry, for sure, but not at all cold.  However, even when things are not perfect, fishing can be pretty good.  I've been splitting time between fishing in Alabama and Louisiana this winter and fishing has been good in both places.  When the fall season rolls around and the fish feel the water temperature begin to cool, they begin preperations for winter. When I say "prepare", I don't mean hang Christmas lights. Food gets scarce in the winter months so instinctively, inshore fish such as trout and reds begin gorging themselves in the fall and early winter season.  Fish have been really easy to find this year because there has been an abundant supply of shrimp to eat and when they are feeding on shrimp, the shrimp come to the top of the water in hopes of escape which makes it easy for seagulls to find.  In turn, the birds are telling on the fish.  When fish are feeding like this, technique is a non-issue.  Getting a bait in their face is the only skill required.  Often times, the feeding frenzy is so heavy, you can catch two at a time on lures such as a "speck rig."

   If we ever get any cold weather on the Gulf Coast this year, the patterns will change and the fish will find deeper water.  Until then, I will continue to stay with what works.  If you would like to book a charter, go to the reservations page and send me your request or you can call me at @251 367 3464.      Thanks, Cpt. Keith Powell