Orange Beach, Alabama Inshore Fishing Report for October 2009

The month of October is one of my twelve favorite months to fish.  October actually makes the top three.  After a long summer of Gulf Coast heat, October brings the first cold fronts of the year.  As the air temperature drops, so does the water temperature.  The fish get that same renewed energy feeling that we do when fall rolls around.  Fish will begin to migrate in October.  Speckled trout will begin to move into the rivers, creeks, and tributaries that feed the bay waters where the trout make their summer homes. 

In October,  trout will be found in the mouths of rivers like Fish River, Magnolia River, Soldier Creek, and Dog River.  Flounder will start their migration back to the Gulf of Mexico in October.  This month provides excellent opportunity for flounder fishing.  The flounder migration funnels around pass areas like the Perdido and Pensacola passes and the Fort Morgan/Dauphin Island area. Casting artificial grubs around structures like piers, rock jetties, and bridge pilings is an exciting way to target flounder this time of year. Did I mention how good flounder taste? 

Large schools of Bull Redfish move in closer to the beach from the Gulf this month in order to feed on the baitfish that also migrate this time of year.  Menhaden schools pour out of the bay waters into the Gulf of Mexico and the Reds come looking.  These fish are great fun, fishing with light tackle spinning gear. Also, slot sized reds are available for sight casting around grass lines in October. Live bait or artificial plugs alike do well triggering strikes from these reds. Also, this is a great time and place for fly fisherman to get their big fish-lightweight fix.