November 2009, Inshore Fishing Report From Orange Beach, Alabama

The weather is finally cooling off and Alabama's speckled trout are on the move in Orange Beach and Mobile Bay, Alabama.  November 2009, specks are transitioning into the rivers and creeks from the bays where they make residence during the summer. 

October is usually when the fish migrate into the area rivers.  The lack of cool temperatures, coupled with excess rainfall have kept the trout spread out and out of the rivers so far.  As a fall weather pattern becomes more consistetent this month, the Speckled Trout will follow suit and move into the Magnolia River, Fish River near Mobile Bay and up into Palmetto Creek and Soldier Creek near Orange Beach. 

I love fishing this time of year for Speckled Trout.  The fish are likely to be huddled up in deep holes in the mornings,  and feeding on shallower flats in the afternoons once the sun warms things up.  They are particularly easy to find because they school up in those deep water holes when the water gets cooler.

Fly Fishing For Bull Redfish

Fly Fishing for Bull Redfish near shore on calm days is a great way to experience catching big fish on a fly.  The Bull Redfish offer a great light tackle, fly-fishing fight for those who enjoy the challenge.  When you find the Redfish just off the beach during the winter months, they are often found in large schools.  They are often on the surface feeding on schools of bait fish. 

Bull Redfishing is more about the fight than the anticipation of the strike.  Bull Redfish strike anything when they are feeding.  Redfish are competitive feeders.  When they are in groups, they compete for the food source.  You will often see more than one fish trying to eat your bait at the same time.  Experiencing this is a real reward for inshore anglers.  The real challenge is fighting the fish and landing them.

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