May 2011 Inshore Fishing Report for the Alabama Gulf CoastBest-Crew-Ever

   May - probably the most reliable and predictable month for inshore fishing on the Alabama Gulf Coast............until 2011.  It's not that the fishing has been bad, just unpredictable.  May is typically a month that I am able to hit cruise control and let the magic happen.  That has not been the case this year.  I have had to work to stay on top of the bite this month.....especially this week since we've moved to the other side of the full moon.  Our inshore species have just not been at the places they should have been.  I would attribute this to the unusual weather that we have experienced thus far in 2011.  Lack of rainfall, first and foremost, has been the big killer.  Fisherman along the Alabama Gulf Coast rely on the spring rains to "flush" the baitfish south which brings the predators searching.  We need rain. 

   The Speckled Trout are really spread out right now because of the widespread high salinity water and I am moving a lot in order to pick up a few fish here and a few fish there.  Redfish have been a complete puzzle this month.  At least, in the weeks leading up to the full moon, the big female trout were in some of the places they should have been.  The redfish have been as hit and miss as I've seen in many years.  I set up many afternoon fishing charters in May based on the premise that the Redfish in Orange Beach will be biting on a very consistent pattern.  I am thankful that the speckled trout bite continued into the afternoon on most days.  Hey, if there wasn't a certain degree of uncertainty, it wouldn't be a challenge and everyone would be an inshore guide. 

   Even though most of this sounded negative, I did have many successful charters this month with many memories made.  Fishing has been good, just different.  I have been blessed this month with the opportunity to take people fishing that were affected by tornadoes and flooding.  I am glad if what we were able to do on the water was able to help them recover in any way from their emotional stress.  My prayers are with all who have lost family and property in recent weeks.  God Bless The Gulf Coast!