December 2009 inshore fishing forecast for the Alabama Coast

It is almost winter here on the Alabama Gulf Coast.  Everything is as it should be.  Speckled Trout have moved from Mobile Bay up into the Fish River, Fowl River, Magnolia River, Mobile River, Theodore Industrial Canal, Soldiers Creek, and Palmatto Creek.  The Redfish have moved near the gulf shores beaches and are going to be very productive throughout the month of December and into the next year.

Bull Redfish Fishing in Gulf Shores, Fort Morgan, and Orange Beach

The Bull Redfish have made their way up near the beach area to catch the outgoing migration of inland baitfish.  Mornings are going to be better when the temperatures are lower and the winds are northerly.  This pushes the top of the water away from shore and causes the bait fish to school up in large pods where the Bull Redfish feed upon them.

We find these large Bull Redfish mainly by searching for diving birds or fish feeding on top of the water.   The Redfish chase the Redfish to the surface of the water and feed on them.  This is a time when the action is the hottest.  You can cast your light tackle jigs into the center of the schooling Bull Redfish and wait for a strike.   When the Bull Reds are in a large group, you do not have to wait very long for a strike.  This is an excellent opportunity for those who like fly fishing for larger fish.

Rejuvinate while fishing for Specks up in the rivers and estuaries

One thing that is neat about river fishing for Speckled Trout is the picturesque surroundings that enhance the fishing experience.  Sometimes the moring fog is rising into the crisp winter air which is beautiful and mysterious looking.   The quietness you will experience when we shut down the engine is tranquil.  You will be as close to nature as you can imagine.

Speckled Trout fishing in the rivers is a nice change of pace as compared to how we usually fish for Speckled Trout during the rest of the year.   Slowly drifting with the tide in the rivers is an excellent way to experience nature at its best.  The tidal movement makes the baits move naturally across the drop offs where the trout live in cold weather.

Your peaceful fishing trip can suddenly be interrupted by the fish biting every bait in the water, at the same time.  You can go from zero to wide open in a moment.   The experience is one to be remembered for a lifetime.